Our mission is to influence our surrounding communities to live as committed Christ followers.

We at Landis Valley Christian Fellowship envision a diverse congregation of contagious Christians who are excited to share their faith, who fellowship and worship together, and who are united in a desire to have all people accepted, cared for, and included as part of the family of God.

  • Where families worship & grow together.
  • Where an atmosphere of warmth, joy, friendliness & acceptance pervades our lives together.
  • Where reaching our communities flows naturally from whom we are in Christ.
  • Where passionate worship flows out of an intimate encounter with God.
  • Where all people are developed into maturing Christ followers.
  • Where our spiritual fruits and gifts are freely expressed within the congregation, ministries and leadership.
  • Where our facilities and organizational structures are able to encompass and support our varied ministries.
  • Where we continue to be wise stewards in the use of finances, resources and materials as part of both God’s Church and Creation.